History of...

I am very active on both LinkedIn and Instagram, and over time I realized these two platforms had two different audience. Of course there is some overlap, but LinkedIn tends to be more job searchers, and employers, where Instagram really shows the culture, community and family that can be found in the skilled trades. 


When I joined the Instagram world, I was amazed by what I found. There was a community of people eager and excited to share their passion and love for their job. And I realized that being in the skilled trades is not just a job, but it's a culture and community of amazing and supportive people. I saw women and men having fun creating unique names and making cool stickers. They used these stickers to connect with each other around the would and I felt this was something I had to be part of. 

I discussed the idea at work, and asked the boys for suggestions. After a few okay, and some questionable name suggestions later, my fellow IBEW brother Aaron came up with the name Lady Voltz.  I resonated with it, double checked it wasn't already taken, and than committed to it, making it my own.

Now that I had a name, I needed a sticker. I have always liked that my initials SET (Shannon Elizabeth Tymosko) spell out a word and wanted to incorporate a slogan into my sticker and brand that mirrored the word SET. I asked around again for some suggestions and ideas and one day Aaron showed up with the slogan 'She's Empowering Today'; It was perfect!

It was a few days later when drew up this idea on a piece of wood

at work that the sticker officially started to come alive. With no little

computer design skills I hired a professional to create the design

that you see today. 

As a KickAss Ambassador I can only hope to empower others to follow their dreams and passions. And what I wish even more is that you continue to try new things. You can not make judgement on something you've never tried. How can you possibly know if you enjoy something if you've never given it or yourself a chance. You would be surprised how stress releveling and good it feels to demolish and rebuild a kitchen. 

I think the community and family I found amongst the trades is something to be celebrated, cherish and shared. It is not something found it all fields of work, and as an Ambassador for the skilled trades I want to participate, share and educate others about this amazing world.


If you are interested in sticker swapping you can find me on Instagram @Lady.Voltz or send me a message below!